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Pagani P150 glowing keyboard listing cool
Date:2016-8-15 11:18:44

2016 year, Pagani then take over the introduction of a variety of new products, mouse new M500 has now been hot shelves nationwide, while the keyboard is the new product for everyone today to promote the Pagani P150.

Floating keycap

Suspended keycap design easier to clean, easy to take care of, adapt to the Internet cafe and personal needs.

Keyboard layout

Using a national standard standard 104 key layout, able to adapt to more of the game environment, and high-end beautiful, easy to operate.

19 keys without red

Complex game skills at the same time output, fast response, to fully meet the needs of players to use.

Cool light effect

Rainbow Colorful backlight effect, bright color district, fashion dazzling.

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