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"God war M500" PAJNI new macro definition performance gaming mouse
Date:2016-8-9 1:13:19

A variety of new brands and new products are influx of this market, in particular, and gaming products related to the richer, and each brand in the market which wants to share more points inside. With the tastes of the new generation of players change, cool handsome appearance seems to be more popular. In the peripheral products really do a good few products, the Pagani M500 mouse grand listing!

Support for 6 key custom, macro programming support, to meet the various types of game settings (built-in configuration file can be saved without having to re-set to solve the set of trouble); macro programming software comes with popular game macro, without cumbersome operation, A key set, immediately super-God!
Download URL: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1cBPwzs

Pagani M500 LED dazzle light effect, a mouse can change the color effect of multi-group glare. Breathing light can be self-control off, like how the Hyun on Hyun everything by their own shots.

Game mouse support 1200/1600/2400 / 3200DPI button free adjustment, not only greatly enhance the DPI ceiling, but also rich can choose the direction. 6D button is to more players in order to play the game more professional, but also embodies the players in the game immersive!

Pagani M500 surface using rubber paint laser engraving process, grip more comfortable, anti-sweat upper hand slipping, suitable for a long time the game or office use. 3D anti-skid wheel in the middle, not only to the God of War M500 mechanical tough shape, but also to read the middle of the middle of the exact card position, and to prevent reading speed too fast and slippery, pay more attention to the player when using the experience. Your pick is the driving force of our forward!

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