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2016 Spring HK Global Sources Exhibition
Date:2016-5-9 1:11:28

Global Sources China Sourcing fair in HK, as the worlds largest international electronics exhibition, attracts exhibitors from all over the world, as well as a competition on innovation and technology feast, including countless number of electronic products.   In 2016, the popular vendors Xin Wanke to dress up again, with all kinds of new and old products, to show the strength and charm to the world.    

    ▲ Booth panoramic display

                                          ▲Booth keyboard display

                                        ▲Booth mouse display

Xin Wanke Keyboard and mouse has been fully listed in the country. with Human engineering design.,Novel appearance, they are distinguished. Matching mainstream Internet café style, It’s will be our first choice for offices,gaming and home.。

                             Exhibition site (1)


A number of countries customers (Brazil, India, Singapore, Russia, the United States and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) they likes to visit us and give us wonderful suggestions , we has gradually achieved globalization sales target

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