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   Shenzhen City core Vanke Electronics Co., Ltd., by a group of ten years of professional keyboard. Mouse product development team and a group of senior business team work together in October 2009 set up a set of product development design, mold manufacturing, injection molding, silk screen Injection, assembly of finished products as one of the professional keyboard and mouse production of hi-tech enterprises.


   So far, we have developed and produced a variety of keyboard, mouse, these products have a beautiful exterior design, stable quality, has won the recognition of many customers at home and abroad. At present, the company has more than 2,000 square meters of business in Shenzhen trading company in the beautiful Yinjiang, Guizhou and Tongren also have 20,000 square meters supporting the modernization of production base! Has a sound production equipment and a positive workforce. The company is full of people are beginning to implement ISO9001: 2000 international quality certification, adhere to the people-oriented, market-oriented, technology-driven, innovation as the core and development as the goal of the strategic approach, equipped with a new computer management system, advanced Communication and modern office facilities, with a group of superb technicians and management staff, the use of advanced technology and production processes, in a short time to accept customer orders, arrange production, on time delivery to ensure that meet customer expectations and needs.


   In order to meet the company's development needs to recruit the following positions:


1 Foreign Trade Director:Bachelor degree or above, major in English 6, responsible for the management and maintenance of the established business relationship and business relationship, collecting and analyzing relevant information and data, including potential market, customers, industry information, etc. Meetings, and understanding of various issues and coordination between colleagues, according to the general manager of the schedule, do a good job in various arrangements, the translation of various promotional materials as well as the general manager with the translation and interpretation staff.


Number of foreign trade clerk:College degree or above, professional English level 4, can talk with foreigners normally, can bear hardship and bear responsibility, strong communication skills, willing to accept challenges and work under pressure.


Mold master 1:More than 5 years working experience, able to deal with the problems of mold size independently, can finish the new molds of drawing and model manufacture independently, have good team consciousness, can obey superior management and work arrangement, good working attitude.


Address: Shenzhen Songgang Jiangbian Chuangye Road Venture Industrial Park, Building A, second floor


Sincerity, please bring your ID card to the company interview


Contact: Miss Tang Contact Tel: 15012482764


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